How can a student rep gather feedback?

Explore 9 common communication methods that student reps can use to gather feedback from their peers. Learn how to elicit feedback effectively, limit student fatigue, and build a stronger student community. Read Unitu’s ‘Student Rep Guide’ to excel in your role and enhance communication between students and staff.

But seriously, what does a student representative do?

Dive into a detailed analysis of the roles and responsibilities of student representatives, exploring the four key functions they play in educational institutions and their importance in improving the student experience. Find out how to become a more effective student rep and download our free guide.

How can a student rep close the feedback loop?

Explore the significance of closing the feedback loop in the student representative role. Learn the what, when, why, who and how’s of this process to improve communication and transparency between student representatives, the university, and their peers.

How can a student rep effectively negotiate with staff?

Discover the difference between ‘positions’ and ‘interests’ in the context of student representation. Learn how to navigate conflicts and find mutual ground to achieve better outcomes for both students and staff. This article offers practical advice and examples to help student representatives strengthen their advocacy skills and maintain healthy, long-term partnerships with their institutions.