Content Policy for Unitu

Posting Guidelines:

All contributions on Unitu should align with our content policy, aiming to build a constructive community. Feel free to share your academic experiences, both positive and negative, but ensure they adhere to the following standards:

  1. Revealing Identity: Do not identify anyone directly or indirectly. Refrain from stating a person’s name, describing their role, or using titles like Mr. or Dr.
  2. Constructive Input: Keep comments related to the topic and ensure they are constructive. Avoid unrelated or disruptive remarks.
  3. Respectful Discussion: Hate speech, libel, or content that promotes violence or hatred is strictly prohibited. Always maintain a respectful and lawful tone.
  4. Promoting Violence: Do not promote or incite violent behavior.
  5. Lawful Conduct: Refrain from showcasing or encouraging illegal actions.
  6. Conduct Guidelines: Abstain from using threats or aggressive language.
  7. Harassment Policy: Harassment is unacceptable. Additionally, do not attempt to reveal another user’s identity.
  8. Data Sharing Guidelines: Respect privacy by not sharing personal information without consent, unless it’s already public or intended to be shared.
  9. Graphic Content: Graphic, shocking, or explicit content is not permitted unless it has academic relevance.
  10. Spam: Avoid unrelated promotions. Only academically related promotions that adhere to community rules are acceptable.
  11. Impersonation: Do not impersonate others or provide misleading information about the source of feedback.


Anonymity on Unitu: You can always post anonymously on Unitu. However, if your account gets suspended due to policy breaches, academic misconduct, or if we have concerns about your welfare, Unitu reserves the right to waive your anonymity. In such cases, only relevant staff at your institution and Unitu will be privy to your identity.

Three Strike Rule: If your content is flagged and removed three times, the following will occur:

  1. First Warning: For the first offense, you’ll receive a warning.
  2. Anonymity Disabled: You will lose your ability to post anonymously.
  3. Account Suspension: Your account will be suspended, barring you from accessing it.


Reporting & Moderation:
If you come across content that violates this policy, use the “Report content” option. Upon reporting, the content will be concealed from your view. If several reports are received, it will be hidden for everyone until moderation is complete. Moderators will evaluate reports and, based on this policy and the university’s guidelines, decide on the content’s status. Appeals against moderation decisions will be managed by the University, with assistance from the Unitu team.

Academic Justification:
Content that generally breaches the policy might be permitted if it serves an academic purpose. In such cases, the intention and nature of the content should be crystal clear. Links are preferable to direct sharing, letting viewers choose what they view.

If unsure about content suitability, consult a course representative, moderator, or the Unitu team.

👉FREE WEBINAR: Learn how co-creation can shape student partnership- the 'We are Chemistry' case study at the University of Warwick
👉FREE WEBINAR: Learn how co-creation can shape student partnership- the 'We are Chemistry' case study at the University of Warwick
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