We’ve changed how the student experience is evaluated

Unitu has totally transformed how schools gain insight into the student experience. Our robust, analytic reporting offers eye-catching graphics that capture insightful and actionable data you can use to learn what’s working, areas of improvement, and the factors that increase engagement among students and student representatives, allowing you to increase engagement, foster partnerships, and close the feedback loop.

Insightful Data Analytics

Get an accurate pulse around the student experience and student satisfaction with Unitu’s analytical benchmark data. Unitu utilizes NSS and PTES surveys to identify areas where the student experience is thriving and areas that need fine-tuning in Unitu. The keyword analysis lets you drill down to get to the heart of the matter, providing insight into your most critical areas of improvement to optimize the Unitu experience.

Actionable Solutions

Unitu gathers and analzyes historical and real-time data to learn what students really care about and its impact on the student experience. We then offer useful, personalised solutions for improving challenging areas, arming you with the know-how to tackle and resolve issues that are affecting the student experience.

Reach More Students

Why are some students using Unitu to raise issues and others aren’t? How do students feel about engaging with each others? Unitu’s analytic data asks these questions and empowers you with the answers so you can increase engagement and foster partnerships. Pinpoint why your hard-to-reach students and student representatives are scoring low on engagement. Determine the staff representatives that aren’t meeting goals and closing the loop.

Discover Common Themes

Unitu’s reporting uncovers common themes and patterns from student feedback, providing you with the intelligence to identify audience demographics and segmented audiences you can use to better target future campaign efforts.

Do you want to improve your student experience?

Learn how Unitu can help you empower your students voice and improve your student experience

Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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