An easy and transparent way to close the feedback loop.

The Feedback Board promotes an engaged social community by empowering students to anonymously voice their feedback to school representatives on important matters affecting their student experience. Watch your student satisfaction rates increase as students and representatives engage in open and honest communication and form a connected partnership that helps foster the student voice and excellence in teaching.

Continuous student feedback

Improve the student experience with engaging, continuous real-time feedback. Students provide authentic and descriptive feedback on one of the 4 feedback categories.


Evidence-based feedback

Students in the same course or department can vote and discuss matters, they wish to escalate to student representatives. Students can also propose action plans to resolve challenges.

Effective moderation by student reps

Student reps maintain quality dialogue and constructive student voice feedback before the issue is made public with Unitu’s automated 3-strike policy and moderation capabilities.

Close the loop in a timely way

Ensure timely responses to student feedback with customisable expected response times. Students are automatically notified when your staff respond to feedback posts, fostering an environment where the student’ voice is valued.

Pro-active reporting on student satisfaction

Get ahead of the game and discover important student experience issues that are being raised before administering the NSS survey with Unitu’s insightful reporting. Your staff can categorise students’ feedback into NSS sections and create reports within the different sections of the NSS survey.

Escalate to the right people

Departmental staff can escalate feedback to the university  boards to ensure professional service staff are able to view and respond to non-academic student feedback in a timely way.

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Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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