Capture, engage and close the feedback loop all in one place

Unitu’s Feedback Board transforms the student rep system in a centralise space for students, reps and staff to discuss and address feedback all in one place.

Empower the student voice

With the option to leave feedback anonymously, students are encouraged to share their opinions without pressure.

Transparency to increase student engagement

Increase student engagement by making your department’s feedback process more transparent.

Tools to increase rep engagement

Rep’s have the tools to be more effective and ensure’s their peers know who they are and how connect them.

Close the loop in a click of a button

Through our drag and drop functionality, it’s never been easy to show students that you value their feedback.

Capture the authentic student voice in real time

We’ve removed the friction for students to give feedback. Our feedback board is mobile, simple, accessible and anonymous. As a result, your student voice team:

Receive both qualitative and quantitive insights

Students are encouraged to vote on feedback and discuss amongst their peers providing more context behind a feedback all in one place.

Effective moderation to maintain constructive dialogue

The private area allows student reps to moderate and filter feedback to ensure only representative feedback that needs staff input is escalated for staff response.

What our partners say

“Thanks to this platform, last year we were able to respond to students’ issues usually within 48 hours. We believe this intervention has led our Student Voice NSS scores to increase by 14% in 2018 compared to the year before.”

Dr Graham Roberts
Computer Science, Depertmental Tutor at UCL

Don’t wait to hear about student issues

Instead of trying to schedule once-a-term meetings to hear about student issues, you can have a ‘Virtual SSLC meeting’ whenever it is needed with Unitu’s Feedback Board.

Have time to focus on change instead of addressing the same issues individually

Don’t be bombarded with emails on the same issues again and again— have the Feedback Board compile all student feedback about the same issue on the same page.

Help students build trust in your institution

With Unitu’s notification system, share the changes you implemented to improve student experience both with the relevant people and the institution as a whole.

What our partners say

“With Unitu, we don’t have to wait for those formal face-face meetings with student reps; the dialogue is ad-hoc, it’s ongoing, and stuff can be resolved within days if it’s within our power to do that.”

David Watson
CPDA, Student Experience and Engagement Lead

Ready to amplify the student voice and close the feedback loop?

Discover how Unitu could help you enable real-time feedback, get an edge on your NSS or TEF, and create better, longer-lasting relationships with the student voice. Request a live demo now and we’ll show you just how powerful our platform can be for making real feedback-based change happen.