Our mission is to give every student the opportunity to be heard and to create change.

We’ve created an entirely new way for educational institutions to listen and engage with the student voice, making it incredibly easy for student unions and university staff to collect, represent and act upon student feedback.

The platform creates an environment in which students and staff engage in real-time discussions that bring about concrete improvements to the student experience.

The Beginning

With a passion for education, CEO and Unitu Founder, Anish Bagga, decided to do his Sociology dissertation on the disconnect between students and staff in Higher Ed. It was only then he could see the amount of effort staff in his and other departments were trying to put into improving the student’s experience but just did not have the effective mechanisms to close the feedback loop. This led Anish and his team to embark on a journey to seek a new way to bridge the gap between students and staff and enable them to effectively collaborate on improving their educational experience.

Our Values

Customer Centric

Continuous Growth





Team Work


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Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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