Increase student satisfaction with the power of real-time feedback

Unitu is an award-winning platform that helps universities and SU’s collect, act and analyse student feedback all in real-time. Stay ahead of potential problems and continuously improve your students experience, whilst closing the feedback loop.

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Working with Universities across the UK

Student Voice Impact

We are pleased to announce that during the academic year 21’-22’, students who engaged with Unitu overwhelmingly agreed that the platform provided them with an opportunity to provide feedback and see staff value and act on their feedback. 

This feedback score was significantly higher than the Benchmark NSS Student Voice score.


Student interactions

5 Days

Avg staff response time


Student Voice Score

HE Benchmark

Student Voice Score

I have the right opportunities to provide feedback
I can see how staff value mine and other students feedback
It’s clear how students feedback has been acted on

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Find out about issues before it’s too late

Unitu enables you to promptly address student issues and concerns in real-time, unlike surveys and SSLC meetings which are often held too late. You can nip problems in the bud with Unitu.

“With Unitu, we don’t have to wait for those formal face-face meetings we have with student reps, the dialogue is adhoc, it’s ongoing and stuff can be resolved within days if it’s within our power to do that.“
David Watson
Student Experience Lead, University of Greenwich

Gather continuous representative feedback

Eliminate biased representation and low survey response rates with Unitu. The platform’s simplicity and user-friendliness make it a favourite among students, who feel safe sharing ongoing feedback and providing staff with reliable and continuous representative data.

“It's a really great platform to raise queries and concerns, couldn't be easier, thank you!”
UCL, Year 1

A way to finally close the feedback loop

With Unitu, you can ensure consistency in closing the feedback loop across all departments. This will help save significant time and by allowing students to see how staff values their feedback, it will lead to higher engagement and satisfaction levels.

“Thanks to this platform, last year we were able to respond to students’ issues usually within 48 hours. We believe this intervention has led our Student Voice NSS scores to increase by 14% in 2018 compared to the year before”.
Dr Graham Roberts
UCL, Computer Science, Departmental Tutor

Get a pulse on the student experience

Unitu provides you with data at your fingertips on how well your institution is closing the feedback loop as well as patterns and trends of what the students are experiencing all in real-time.

Data is automatically categorised based on the NSS, allowing you to be proactive in addressing concerns that will help improve student satisfaction.

Unitu gives us the ability to see patterns of feedback that appear not only across departments and faculties, but across the institution as a whole. This insight are used to inform broader policy and operational approaches, identify solutions that are of genuine relevance to students and focus on the enhancements that deliver the most impact to the student experience.
Chris Neil
UCL, Head of UCL Engineering’s Digital Innovation

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Unitu is designed to work alongside other digital learning systems to enable deeper insights from third-party platforms. From Moodle to Blackboard, Unitu’s effortless integration makes working cross-platform a breeze.

Over the last 18 months, we have introduced Unitu, the online student feedback platform, which has enabled us to respond to student feedback in real-time and allowed us to close the feedback loop. Unitu, along with working in close partnership with the University and the hard work of staff has been key to this year’s result.
Marc Caldecott
Head of Membership Services at Wrexham Glyndwr Students’ Union

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Built on research and evidence from the people who know universities best

Dr Emma Mayhew, Academic Director at the University of Reading, conducted research on our platform, Unitu, recognising its potential in promoting positive closure of the feedback loop.

Her findings emphasise the value of Unitu as a reliable tool for enhancing the student experience.

This form of online engagement, together with the functionality of the platform, has the potential to encourage student feedback, indicate how representative this feedback is, support the role of student representatives, enable timely staff–student dialogue and enhance the visibility of institutional responses in order to help improve teaching and learning provision.
Professor Emma Mayhew
University of Surrey, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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