The Student Voice Platform

Unitu improves student satisfaction by allowing universities to collect and act on student feedback in real time.


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Engaging with the Student Voice

Unitu ensures students feel their views are valued and allows them to see how their feedback has been acted upon by staff in their department.

Acting on issues as they arise

Staff can act on representative student feedback as they arise, allowing them to resolve issues quicker than using surveys and waiting for meetings.

Keeping a finger on the pulse

Unitu’s NSS Health Check allows your institution to measure student satisfaction across the university and keep a finger on the pulse.

Clear communication

Built around the student representative system, Unitu creates clear communication channels between students, course reps and staff allowing them to collaboratively collect and act on any type of feedback in a powerfully transparent and intuitive way.

Continous student

Students can raise issues, suggest ideas, ask a question and give praise at anytime during the year through our web and mobile applications.

Representative student

Course reps can easily gain unbiased and representative feedback that can immediately be escalated to the appropriate staff in a particular department or faculty.

Close the feedback loop in

With a click of a button, staff can instantly inform all relevant students on how they intend to act on their feedback through either a status update or by engaging in a real time discussion.

Data driven insights at your
finger tips

Management staff are provided with a bird’s eye view of student feedback across the entire institution enabling them to making meaningful comparisons and take swift action.

Seamless integration with
your systems

To create a seamless experience and easy of access our integrations automatically push and pull activity from your favorite systems straight into Unitu.

“The number of direct complaints to me has reduced very significantly as a result of people being able to air their grievances on Unitu in an appropriate way and have those resolved. One of the things that came to me really clearly and very early was the authenticity of that student voice. “


Gregory Sporton – Head of Department, CPDA, University of Greenwich


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