Join Unitu’s User Panel Advisory Group

Become an integral part of shaping the future of Unitu for Universities across the UK. We invite you to become part of the Unitu User Advisory Panel.

Who We're Looking For

We’re on the hunt for students, student representatives, and staff members who possess a keen interest in promoting efficient communication within their institutions. Your unique perspective, insights, and experiences are not just valued, but essential to us.

About Unitu User Panel Advisory Group

The Advisory Group comprises a vibrant community from a variety of educational institutions, united by a common goal: to strengthen student voices. Your contribution can have a substantial impact on the evolution and enhancement of Unitu’s features, catering to the needs of our rapidly expanding student community across the UK, and soon, across Europe.

About The Role

The role requires you to meet online or in person on either an ad-hoc/frequent basis to provide feedback and insights into your experiences at your University and using Unitu. In addition, we would also like to share with you prototypes, designs and test features that we will ask you to provide feedback on. 

It’s a very flexible role and requires as much time as you’d like/can put in to help shape Unitu and meet other reps along the way.


We will provide a £20 amazon voucher for each session you attend with our team.

Why Join Us?

In addtion to getting compensated for your time, there are an array of benefits you get by being part of the advisory panel, such as:

Amplify Student Voices: Assume a pivotal role in nurturing effective communication between students and staff.

Gain Early Access to Features: Get a preview of our innovative features, aimed at streamlining the feedback process within universities.

Shape the Culture of Feedback: Be at the forefront of shifting feedback methodologies, aiding universities in becoming more receptive and responsive to student needs.

Impact Unitu’s Direction: Your insights are critical in customising our platform to benefit your university and students and staff across the UK and Europe.

Broaden Your Network: Engage with other student representatives from various institutions at our exclusive events.

Receive Rewards: We appreciate your time and efforts and ensure you are appropriately compensated.

Make a Difference Today

Are you prepared to make a lasting difference and champion change? Take the initiative, make your voice heard, and join the Unitu User Panel Advisory Group today.

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