Student Rep Guide

We’ve put together a simple guide that will help you excel in your role as student rep.

The Student Rep Guide

Are you interested in how to collaborate with staff better, how to effectively collect student feedback or how you can consistently get the most out of SSLC meetings?

This guide covers all of these topics and more.

It has been written by former student reps with the sole purpose of helping reps across the UK be more effective in representing students.

Whether you’re an experienced student rep or brand new to the role, you will gain valuable insights and practical takeaways from this guide that will help you become an outstanding rep.

Authors Profile

Anish Bagga

Founder & CEO of Unitu

Anish Bagga is the founder and CEO of Unitu, The Student Voice Platform. The platform was born through his experience and struggles as a student rep. Through his observations, experience, and research, it was apparent that a better way was needed for students, reps, and staff to engage and act on student feedback.

John Choi

Lead Department Representative for the UCL Faculty of Laws

John Choi is an undergraduate student reading law at UCL. He was a Course Representative for a year before being re-elected as the Lead Department Representative for the UCL Faculty of Laws. He was awarded the UCL Students’ Union Academic Representative of the Year award in 2019 and 2020 for his representative efforts.

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