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Sending emails on behalf of University


By default, Unitu emails are sent from “no-reply@unitu.co.uk“.

To enhance trust and deliverability, it’s recommended that universities allow Unitu to send emails on behalf of University. In this case, emails are sent from “no-reply@unitu.university-domain.ac.uk“, for example: “no-reply@unitu.oxford.ac.uk”.


To allow Unitu to deliver emails on behalf of your university, please create a sub-domain for Unitu using format unitu.{university-domain}.ac.uk (e.g unitu.oxford.ac.uk) and the following DNS records:

Type Name Value
CNAME unitu.{university-domain}.ac.uk mail.unitu.co.uk
CNAME psrp.unitu.{university-domain}.ac.uk rp.mail.unitu.co.uk
TXT _dmarc.unitu.{university-domain}.ac.uk v=DMARC1; p=none
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