Using technology to effectively close the feedback loop

Discover how Unitu’s inception led Swansea University to automate closing the loop for increased student satisfaction and engagement

What you'll learn

Learn about Swansea University’s successful collaboration with Unitu in revolutionising its approach to student feedback. Their method resulted in significantly improved student satisfaction and National Student Survey (NSS) scores.


Key insights include:

  • Understanding Student Needs: understand what students expect from their educational experience and how they wish to engage.

  • Identifying Feedback System Flaws: discover the limitations of traditional feedback methods and the urgent need for more direct and transparent communication.

  • The Importance of Student Representatives: explore the crucial role student representatives play in connecting students with university staff.

The innovative strategies implemented:

  • Unitu’s Online Platform: discover how integrating this platform transformed how feedback is collected and addressed at Swansea University. 

  • Prompt Feedback Analysis: learn about the technology that enables immediate response to student feedback, ensuring timely resolution of issues.

  • Streamlining Student-Staff Meetings: how the university optimised these meetings for faster, more effective responses to student inputs.

  • Closing the Feedback Loop: Find out how the university consistently acknowledges and acts on student feedback, fostering a culture of respect and responsiveness. 

You’ll also get access to a range of tools and methods developed from this partnership. 

These resources are designed to help other institutions implement Swansea University and Unitu’s proven strategies for a more engaging and student-focused educational experience.

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