Closing the feedback loop pilot at the University of Chester Law School

Learn how University of Chester Law School increased their NSS by creating a new way to close the loop within an academic year

What you'll learn

Discover the inspiring journey of the University of Chester Law School. Their innovative feedback strategies led to remarkable improvements in student satisfaction and National Student Survey (NSS) scores. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to apply in your institution and enhance the student experience. 

You’ll learn what their initial research revealed about: 

  • Students’ expectations
  • Reasons for disengagement
  • Gaps in the student representative system
  • Channels students prefer to give and receive feedback. 


The innovative methods implemented: 

  • Improvements in Student Voice Meetings using Microsoft Forms and QR codes for real-time feedback.
  • Module Evaluation Feedback, introducing ‘termly reviews’ for mid-module enhancements.
  • Responsive Feedback mechanisms for quick, accessible, and comprehensive responses to student input.
  • Feeding back to students through personalised feedback placed in VLE and during lectures.


You’ll also have access to the Student Voice Toolkit developed from the pilot. This toolkit is designed to guide other institutions in applying the effective timelines and methods that the University of Chester Law School implemented. 

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