Engaging Student Voices

The Engaging Student Voices webinar series brings together HE Professionals to dive into student experience conversations. The topics and insights are focused on helping you better understand your students so that you can improve the student engagement and overall experience

Themes we will be exploring

Capturing Feedback

How can we get more students to engage with our feedback channels continuously? What ways can we capture student feedback more effectively?

Diverse Representation

How can we ensure we're capturing student voices from different perspectives? How do we understand and engage with the diversity of student voices?

Staff Buy-in

How can we create alignment between stakeholders involved in engaging student voices? How do we support academics to engage with feedback?

Closing the Loop

How can we ensure it's clear to students that we value their input and that the outcomes created are based on their feedback?

Data & Insights

How do we gain regular insights on the student experience to ensure we’re making meaningful changes? What metrics should we focus on?

Regulatory Standards

What do we need to know and implement on the latest regulatory standards around student engagement and student experience?

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