Summer Program with Unitu

SGA Ambassador Program

Help us - help your SGA!

We are seeking current and former SGA Presidents that can support Unitu in shaping our Student Voice Platform to meet the needs of SGAs across the US.

Together we will create a platform that will help SGA’s in:

● Representing and advocating for the interests of the Student Body
● Gathering & collecting representative student feedback
● Building SGA awareness among student body
● Building a communication system that works for everyone! (students, SGA, and admin)
● And more

How long is the Program?

This is a 3-month summer program beginning on the 7th of June and ending on the 7th of September.

What will be your commitment?

You will need to attend 3 one hour monthly Zoom meetings with members of the Unitu Team, as well as be proactive in email communication.

What will be your responsibilities?

You will need to attend all 3 meetings during the program.
In the meeting you will be expected to:

● Give your feedback/suggestion on the presented product features
● Share your valuable insights and previous experience on the processes according to your role
● Provide information on the different roles and responsibilities of SGA and the University so that we can accurately form our product.


100$ for the summer program + commission on any introductions made that lead to a sale of Unitu

At the end of the program you will:

● Gain 3 months of experience as a ‘Unitu SGA Ambassador’ that you can add to your Resume and Linkedin!
● Receive a recommendation letter from the CEO and Cofounder of Unitu
● Get an opportunity to participate in a commission-based program.

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