Closing the Feedback loop:

How can we do it effectively in and after a pandemic?

This event was a timely opportunity for the sector to come together to review the impact of the pandemic on student engagement and to discuss how we can be better at closing the feedback loop. 

Let the student voice lead the way: Learnings of lockdown and looking ahead to meaningful engagement.

Alison Whaley, Director of Student Experience, Cranfield University

This talk will explore the approach to Student Voice at Cranfield University, and how delivery through a pandemic has changed the institutional framework of engagement.

Understanding the student view of module feedback

Megan Ball, President University of Winchester Student Union

This talk will be about generational differences in views on feedback, and how we can better involve and engage students during the process.

Value co-creation strategies to understand the student voice

Dr. Libby Farrier-Williams, Lecturer in Marketing and Lead of Student Experience at St Mary’s University, Twickenham

This talk will emphasize how institutions should go further than listening to feedback, instead of providing opportunities to co-create offerings through partnership.

Sustainable loops:                                          Listening to and acting on student voices

Dr. Liz Austen, Head of Evaluation and Research at Sheffield Hallam University

This talk will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges of listening to and acting on student voices.

Using technology to effectively close the feedback loop 

Anish Bagga, CEO and Co-Founder of Unitu
Sophie Leslie, Student Partnership and Feedback Development Officer, Swansea University

This talk will present Unitu’s and Swansea’s experience using Unitu. It will look at a model in which institutions can use technology to establish an effective feedback loop that increases student satisfaction and engagement.

Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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