Constructive dialogue without anonymity

Constructive dialogue

We want to ensure that feedback shared on the platform is constructive to all parties, and encourage staff and students to contribute towards building this transparency and culture of understanding.

Your Department/School has chosen to allow anonymity between students in the private area of the feedback-board and to keep conversations not anonymous in the public area. Here are a few important reasons why.


Creating a community

At Unitu, we want to emphasise the importance of students and staff engaging in community-driven constructive dialogue. Creating a public area for students and staff to engage in a non-anonymous way will foster human-to-human interactions and will create a more personal experience.

By enabling discussions without anonymity, it ensures students and staff feel more comfortable engaging with each other, supports students to feel more confident when sharing their opinions and raising feedback associated with their identity leads to more constructive dialogue.

When students share feedback and engage without anonymity, feedback is more visibly associated with their identities, allowing staff to observe the impact certain issues have had on particular demographics of students. This helps staff better understand your concerns or questions and provides them with further context, and also demonstrates that issues raised by students arise from a place of concern and stress. 


Professional development

Sharing feedback is vital to improving every student’s academic experience. We hope that students feel confident expressing their opinions, which is crucial in ensuring effective communication and collaboration in all aspects of life. We want to support students in their professional development by improving their confidence when engaging with staff, providing feedback and helping create positive changes.

By enabling discussions without anonymity, it helps students to ensure they feel more confident and comfortable as they graduate and start their work journey.

Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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