How to communicate Unitu to your students

In order for students to engage with Unitu, it’s important to create awareness through different stages of the academic year. To support you, we’ve created a number of resources that will allow you to inform students what Unitu is, how it works and how they can access their accounts.

Email Templates

We’ve created a series of emails templates that you can use at different stages of the academic year to ensure are aware of what Unitu is and how they can access it.


Adding a short blurb about Unitu on the students handbook can be a simple and effective way for students to become aware of the platform.

Got a suggestion or issue about your course? Don’t keep it yourself. Use Unitu.
With the Unitu app, join the conversation about your course, and make sure your suggestions, issues and questions get heard. You can do it anonymously and it’s all transparent. It’s the best way to get changes made.

Be heard and create change at {add your university url}



Placing information about Unitu on the department’s or the University’s intranet is a great way to generate awareness, since it’s a common area students go to for information about their programme, key staff contacts or specific services the university provides. 

Induction Presentation

On the right you’ll find presentation slides that explain what Unitu is, how it works and how students can access it. 

Feel free to download the powerpoint presentation slide and edit to fit your requirements and needs.

Unitu Student Induction Slides

We’ve created a set of induction videos that you can play in your inductions to inform students about what Unitu is and how it works:

Induction with no rep elections:


Download the MP4: Induction video ( no elections)





Handing out flyers is a tried and tested way of generating awareness. On the left you’ll find a 2 page flyer that can be customised with your logo, that has a short description on the second page of what Unitu is and how students can access their account.


Email Signature

We’ve found when staff add a Unitu banner under their email signature, it improves awareness and engagement. 

Social Media

We’ve created a simple and stylish social media post that can be added to any of the popular platforms that students are using, such as Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.



Videos are one of the simplest and easiest way to communicate anything. We’ve created a number of videos that you can use to share with your students on any of the different mediums, such as emails, intranet site, social media and in induction period.

Video 1 (52 secs) : fun and catchy video

Video 2 (80 secs): More technical on how Unitu works

VLE Banners

Your Virtual Learning Environment (such as Moodle) is probably the most accessed digital tool by students. So it makes sense to capture students’ attention and make them fully aware of Unitu whilst they use their VLE.

We’ve created a simple banner (on the right) that can be customised with your logo and added to as HTML block within your VLE.  You can also create a seamless integration within your VLE too, watch the video below to see how to do this:

Moodle Integration with LTI & Unitu

Unitu-Blackboard Integration with LTI


Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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