Amplifying Student Voices

Struggling to engage student voices and close the feedback loop in Higher Education? Learn from Andy Todd’s successful pilot at the University of Chester, demonstrated in our past webinar. Discover the “Student Voice Toolkit”, an approach that significantly improved NSS Student Voice scores. Access resources, gain practical takeaways, and network with the higher ed community.
Andy Todd

Event Overview

The Higher Education sector has long struggled with effectively engaging student voices and closing the feedback loop. This has been consistently highlighted by the low Student Voice score in the National Student Survey (NSS).

Do you want to show your students that you value their opinions and use their feedback to make changes?

Andy Todd, Associate Professor at the University of Chester, conducted research with students and staff and delivered a pilot to improve her department’s processes and approach to closing the feedback loop.

During this webinar, you will discover Andy’s effective approach to the student rep system and the module evaluation surveys.

As a result of the pilot in 2018, Andy successfully increased her programme’s NSS Student Voice scores and surpassed the sector benchmark by transparently demonstrating to students how the loop was closed and how staff took action on their feedback. She has continued to implement this approach pre, during and post pandemic.

Andy presents the “Student Voice Toolkit”, a system derived from the pilot, which prioritises student opinions and provides resources such as the “Student Guide to Feeding Back To Us”, “Staff Guide to Student Voice”, and “Student Voice Timeline”. This Toolkit is free and available for any institution seeking to enhance its feedback process by following this link: http://bit.ly/3Zo1q9o

From this webinar, you will:

  • Learn from a successful pilot to implement a system that closes the feedback loop
  • Receive access to resources on how to encourage staff and student buy-in
  • Gain takeaways on how to implement such a system within your own university
  • Network and connect with the higher education community

Watch the recording now to discover an effective, research-informed approach to engaging with the student voice and closing the loop.


Andy Todd

Andy Todd

Associate Professor of Active Citizenship at the University of Chester


Ashley Storer-Smith

Student Voice Manager at the University of Nottingham SU

Speaker Profile

Andy Todd

Associate Professor of Active Citizenship at the University of Chester

Andy Todd is an Associate Professor at the University of Chester. She has specialist knowledge in the areas of student voice, student co-creation, student-parent experiences, and clinical legal education. She has extensive experience in this sector and focuses her research on these topics.

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