Unitu for Reps

How Unitu helps Student Reps excel at their role

What We Do

Unitu is an award-winning online platform with the purpose of enhancing student life by amplifying student voices and helping universities close the feedback loop.

Our platform provides an easy method for universities and student unions to collect, represent and act upon student feedback. It creates a private and digital environment  where students and staff engage in discussions that bring about positive improvements to the student experience.

How We Help Reps

Unitu is an incredibly helpful tool that assists with the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of being a student rep.

With Unitu reps can easily gain unbiased and representative feedback from students, which they can immediately escalate to the appropriate staff members. It provides reps with the tools they need to effectively communicate with staff members, quickly resolve students’ issues, and keep track of students’ comments.

There’s 3,800+ Reps using Unitu to help them effectively carry out their responsibilities.


Lets Talk

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We want to show you how Unitu’s tools can help you improve your performance as a rep.  It will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions about our platform and what it has to offer.

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Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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