The Student Voice Network

A network for SU Officers and University staff to connect, learn and share insights, best practices and practical tips to excel in your role at increasing student engagement and improving the student experience.

What is TSVN?

The Student Voice Network (TSVN) brought to you by Unitu, is a community network for Student Union’s and University staff whom are focused on engaging, representing and improving the student experience. 

TSVN is here to support and guide you in your role, providing you with a wealth of information on all things related to student voice, as well giving you the opportunity to connect with your peers in the sector.

Through these connections you can share insights, encourage best practice and gain practical takeaways to apply in your role and university.

How will it work?

TSVN provides you with numerous ways to connect, learn and share insights, best practices and takeaways to help you in your role:

TSVN Podcast

TSVN Podcast, hosted by Ashley Storer-Smith, invites passionate SU and HE professionals to discuss relevant topics around the student voice.

Interview Articles

Q&A style articles of current and former SU and HE staff, providing you with the support and advice you need in your role to represent students effectively.

Spotlight Webinars

Spotlight Webinars focus on important and timely topics for the HE sector and provides you with the opportunity to network and gain insights from industry experts in the field of student voice.

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable events are centred around a sector wide challenge. We invite experts and experienced professionals to share insights and solutions. Discussions are summarised into a report for the network.

Reports and Guides

White paper reports based on the roundtable discussions, as well benchmarked insights gained through our platform. In addition, you will gain practical guides to help you in your role to better engage with student feedback and close the feedback loop.

Become a member of TSVN

Unitu helps universities to improve the student experience by effectively engaging with the student voice in real time.

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