Streamline your Student Voice Meetings with Feedback Campaigns

Unitu’s Feedback Campaigns improve how student feedback is collected, managed, and utilised, enhancing the overall efficiency and impact of Student Voice Meetings.

Streamlined Meeting Preparation

Facilitates creating targeted feedback campaigns with automated reminders and QR codes for easy feedback collection, significantly reducing manual work.

Transparency to Increase Student Engagement

Actions and decisions from meetings are communicated back to students, ensuring transparency and demonstrating that student feedback leads to outcomes.

Tools to increase Rep Engagement

Provide student reps with AI-driven tools for efficient feedback summarisation and agenda preparation, enabling them to focus on key issues and foster meaningful discussions.

Enhanced Meeting Productivity

Enables focused discussions during meetings based on pre-analysed feedback, leading to more productive and actionable dialogues.

How effective are your Student Voice Meetings?

Through our research and conversations with staff, reps and students in the sector, we uncovered several core challenges that continue to limit the effectiveness of Student Voice Meetings, such as: 

Empower Student Voice meetings and reduce admin burden

Our tool was developed to meet the increasing need for an efficient and accessible Student Voice Meeting process. The software facilitates greater engagement from student representatives, enables productive meetings, and ensures student voices are effectively heard, all while reducing administrative efforts. 

Pre-Meeting Preparation

Staff can create a ‘Feedback Campaign’ targeting specific student groups, setting up a form with relevant questions linked to upcoming meeting agendas.

What our partners say

“It saves time in collating the information, especially with the AI tool, that was the biggest saving. Rather than sitting there with 150 random bits of paper, in this case I’d reviewed all the feedback and created the agenda in under two hours. That was a job that would have taken me all day….and I loved the action grid and being able to create that, and have it held centrally where people can all see those actions, they’re really helpful”

Sarita Robinson

Deputy Head of School, UCLan

Collect Feedback easily with our no-login feature

Gather student feedback effortlessly with automated reminders and QR codes. Our tool allows you to collect a wide range of student inputs without requiring logins, making the process seamless and efficient.

Set up the agenda quickly and deliver an effective meeting

Student reps and administrators receive feedback responses and utilise Unitu’s AI tools to summarise and prioritise these inputs, ensuring thorough preparation for the meeting. During the meeting, discussions focus on the summarised feedback, enabling staff and student representatives to collaborate effectively and address the issues raised, leading to actionable outcomes.

Close the loop Post-Meeting effectively

After the meeting, Feedback Campaigns allows you to summarise actions taken and decisions made and communicate these back to students. This ensures students see that their feedback has led to real outcomes.

What our partners say

“We had a lot of new reps who had been reps last year, and we had a structured agenda. They knew immediately what they were going in for, what needed to be covered. When we did the meeting, the Unitu platform was actually displayed on the screen, and we worked through that. It helped them to conduct the meeting.”

Margaux Whiskin

Student Engagement Coordinator, University of Warwick

Ready to amplify the student voice and close the feedback loop?

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