Centralise your rep elections with the power of Unitu

With Unitu’s Rep Elections feature, both staff and student unions can save time, drive higher awareness of elections, and create a more engaged student voice.
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Learn how to empower your students voice and improve the student experience

Introduce flexibility to your election system

Create the ideal election for your needs with the flexibility to choose the timing and length of the polls.

Transparency to increase student engagement

Increase student engagement by making your department’s feedback process more transparent.

Save time with automated notifications

Increase student awareness with automated reminders for nomination and election deadlines.

Empower your prospective reps

Encourage students to participate in the election with Unitu’s self-nomination and automated campaigning support.

Better access to election data

From nominees to votes, have all the election information you might need at the tip of your fingers.

Customise the election process according to your needs

Rep Elections feature allows staff to have easy access to create the election for the specific roles and departments.

What our client’s says

Unitu provides an excellent opportunity for students at Swansea University to give their feedback within their subject areas and colleges. The platform allows students to anonymously submit their feedback about all aspects of university life, making feedback more honest and accurate. We have been able to make many improvements within the Students’ Union based on feedback received on Unitu and more importantly been able to use the feedback received to lobby the University for change.

Gwyn Aled Rennolf
President, Swansea University Student Union 17-19

Empower students with self-nomination and campaign support

Don’t let your students be intimidated by campaigning with Unitu’s support on the path to becoming reps.

Closing an election has never been so easy

Manage the final stretch of elections with ease using the automated features on Rep Elections.

What our client’s says

“Dialogue element of Unitu means that students understand what staff are doing about it, when they are doing things about it and that closes that feedback loop and that eases a lot of the frustration that students feel.”

Duncan Mckenna
Student Partnership Coordinator, University of Greenwich

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Learn how to empower your students voice and improve the student experience