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SRS (Student Record System)


This document will describe how Universities will be able to send an update request to our servers to sync their student database with the one that we hold. 

Benefits of using this integration


As student records might change on a day to day or week to week basis, it becomes hard to maintain consistency between the University database and Unitu’s. This may result in the user seeing two different data values on the different platforms. To avoid this we recommend to have a constant interval integration with Unitu’s servers to reflect any changes that may have occurred on the University’s database. 


With universities having thousands of students and hundreds of staff and teachers, the complexity of updating the database becomes tougher and more time consuming. To ease the process we have created an automatic integration feature that will allow Universities to send all their student record data (the records that Unitu requires) via a simple API post request and we will handle updating our records to match the data. This is a fully automated process which will greatly reduce the time required for the sync. 

How to send data to our servers

HTTP Post Request

  1. Prepare an HTTP POST request
    1. Header:
      • API Key: <will be provided by us>
      • Cache Control: ‘no-cache’
      • Content Type: ‘application/json’
    2. Body
      • Data: {JSON list (format given below)}
  2. Send the above request to the url: “https://api.unitu.co.uk/v1/sync”

HTTP Post Data schema for JSON list

Please have the data in the following format:

"data" : {
   "students" : 
      {...}, {...},
          "faculty" : "<faculty>",

          "department" : "<department>",

          "course" : "<course>",

          "firstName" : "<first name>",

          "lastName" : "<last name>",

          "email": "<email>",

          "id" : "<student unique identifier>", // Optional field. You can supply userID from student record system or 'cn' field from Active Directory

          "year" : <year> // Please note that type of this field is a nullable number with possible values (null, 0-7) and doesn't need a quotes around it

      {...}, {...}

An Example of a Post Request:

curl -X POST \
 https://api.unitu.co.uk/v1/sync \
 -H 'API_KEY: {your API KEY}' \
 -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -d '{ 
   "data" : {
           "faculty" : "Engineering",
           "department" : "Mechanical Engineering",
           "course" : "Car Maintenance",
           "firstName" : "John",
           "lastName" : "Smith",
           "email": "john.smith@university.ac.uk",
           "year" : 1
           "faculty" : "Faculty of Development & Society",
           "department" : "Department of Sociology",
           "course" : "Social Sciences",
           "firstName" : "Joe",
           "lastName" : "Doe",
           "email": "joe.doe@university.ac.uk",
           "year" : 3
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