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Email Alias


This document will describe how Universities will be able to provide us with a unique email alias for us to use when we send emails to users for that university from Unitu.

Benefits of using a University alias email address


If users have not been exposed to Unitu before, it might look suspicious or even malicious when you get emails from an unknown account and domain, like “no-reply@unitu.co.uk”. If we were able to change that to “unitu@{universitydomain}”, users will believe that Unitu is part of the university’s infrastructure and will feel more comfortable interacting with the messages. 


Making sure that the domain name of our email address is the same as the university’s, will reduce the chances of our emails ending up in the spam folder – due to misidentification by the email service.

What we require from the university

  • Url to the web client (e.g. outlook)
  • User id or the email id
  • Password to the email account
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) details in order to send emails from this email address
    • SMTP Server host 
    • SMTP Server port 
    • TLS / SSL Protocol Configurations
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