Engage students by closing the feedback loop

Improve your student satisfaction and student retention by effectively listening and acting on student feedback in real time.


Unitu ‘closes the feedback loop’ in a powerful and simple way.

Students, course representatives and staff can collectively raise,
discuss and resolve academic issues all in one place.



Unitu streamlines your communication channels with time-saving tools. This helps you get straight to what matters most –  representing students in an objective and evidenced based way


The old way is disorganised, inefficient and significantly costly in terms of time and money.  It’s difficult to know if you are actually representing the student voice.

Discover how we can ensure effective student representation in your institution.


Closing the feedback loop


Data Driven Satisfaction

Measure your students’ satisfaction in real time and quickly act on trending issues across your entire organisation.


  • Save huge amounts of time collecting, analysing and reporting student feedback
  • Have a finger on the pulse on the most pressing student issues
  • Segment student issues based on specific demographics (e.g. department, course, level, year etc.)

Unitu integrates within popular VLE systems and is accessible across all platforms


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